Helping Hands

A strong effort on getting the face shields processed and to healthcare workers carries on!

1,820 total masks have shipped out.

A big thank you to our volunteers for all of your help this weekend. ❤

This past weekend, you helped make a difference in the lives of people who are at the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic. All of you are awesome, and it has been an absolute blast working with you! Thank you for all of your hard work

But, it is not over yet. The need for face shields still exists, and we are looking for more volunteers. To donate 4 hours of your time, please visit Volunteers for Heroes to start the process and volunteer at one of our sites. We would love to see you here.

Photos from the Conshohocken PA site.

About Face

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, TDI Technologies, Inc., a science and technology company based out of King of Prussia, PA, was eager to become involved in creating solutions to help us fight the fight. To that end, we formed a non-profit organization known as ChariTdi.

ChariTdi initiated its first call-to-action for able-bodied volunteers to manufacture PPE for local healthcare workers. We asked for volunteers that could spare 4 hours, with no prior experience necessary. We were able to secure a warehouse in Conshohocken, PA, and another warehouse at the Northeast Philly Armory. We are happy to report the results of our efforts in the first week. Together we manufactured and delivered over 1,500 face shields!

To those of you who have already volunteered to help……THANK YOU!

The face shields are being used by Temple University Hospital. We are told these are the best face shields they have access to, so these were sent to Anesthesiologists and Respiratory doctors and nurses – because they are the most at-risk for contracting COVID-19.

ChariTdi’s first delivery to Temple University Hospital in Philadephia, PA

Thank you to the volunteers for their time and contributions to our community. You are the reason for our success!

We are looking for more volunteers in the coming weeks as the demand for face shields grows. To sign up, please visit Volunteers for Heroes to start the process and volunteer at one of our manufacturing sites.

Additional photos of our warehouse space.

Follow our blog for weekly updates and photos of the manufacturing process.