Part of the Solution

We began making face shields for Temple University Hospital on April 18. We just completed four weeks of volunteer service.

Over 5,000 face shields have been produced for Temple Hospital!

It was a tremendous effort by TDI employees, crew chiefs for ChariTdi, and outside volunteers – who learned of this effort through social media or word of mouth. Thank you all for signing up to help.

We are so proud of the volunteers’ work being done at the leased warehouse in Conshohocken. The site continues operating two 4-hour shifts per day, seven days per week. This particular place was selected because it is huge, it is open, and it allows for the volunteer workstations to be spread out by a minimum of 20 feet. Rectangular tables are provided by us, along with folding chairs, so that volunteers can be seated while working.

Safety is paramount here. The crew chief takes everyone’s temperature upon arrival. Volunteers must wear a mask. Latex gloves, safety glasses, and hand sanitizer are provided. You can even wear one of the finished face shields during the shift, and take it home with you!

It is a fun atmosphere with coffee and donuts provided to get us started. There are opportunities to work at multiple work stations if you like, photo opportunities for those who are not camera-shy, and we provide lunch for any volunteers. People who have volunteered come back several weeks in a row. It has been a great feeling for everyone to be a part of the solution!

There are still a bunch of opportunities to help out. If you can volunteer, please sign up using our contact form. I hope you will consider at least one 4-hour shift. Also, please share on your social media. Tell your family and friends about the opportunity to help those on the front lines.

We hope to see you here.

Photos from the Conshohocken PA site this past weekend.